Mighty+ at Demo Camp 2016

 Demo Camp

OMNION Launches Locker Program

 Chris Westra

New Partnership with LockTec

 LockerTec Germany

From FMI 2016 in Chicago

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FMI Connect 2016

FMI Connect in Chicago was an opportunity to meet with customers and collaborators in the US Grocery Industry.  Great event.  I had a chance to meet with several different players in the industry.  Despite the fact it feels like the CPG dominate this conference in various sessions I had a chance to meet with several grocers. 

Office 365 in Canada

Office 365 in a Canadian Data Centres

They are up and running.  Microsoft's two Canadian Data Centres (in the GTA and Quebec City area) are up and running.  We are now able to offer an office 365 solution on Canadian soil using one Canadian data centre as the primary and the second as a backup.