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Cedar 7 Screen Shot

We’re rolling out a few changes to Cedar 7 installations this month. Some are behind the scenes improvements to MailHarvest and file attachment listings.

However, some changes will be a little more obvious:

Live-Link: connecting Projects tracking to GIS

In a novel example of having your herring roe and eating it too, the CedarBox Team is pleased to announce that DevelopmentApp Projects can now be “live-linked” to your desktop GIS.

What does this linking between my Cedar App and my desktop GIS mean?

Let’s say you are tracking 500 project applications, and that you have uploaded location files (Shapefile, KML, Geomark, draw-on-map) for all of these. Great! You can already do basic overlap analysis in Cedar. But, to make beautiful wall maps, or to do complex analysis, you need to work in your desktop-GIS world.

With our new Live-Link add-on, these locations are now available as a layer that you can explore in Quantum GIS (free & open source) or ESRI ArcGIS.

International LNG in British Columbia Conference It is a new industry for us.  I have worked in Energy before, but onthe electrical generation side, so natural gas is a new area for us.  Having a partial accelerator background I have worked quite a bit with cryogenics.  We want to see if we can our technology that drives innovation and together with our partner Dassault System potential help build cleaner, safer and more responsible energy projects. 

Mighty Oaks has developed an application that allows customers to access this live database wirelessly and working.  Powered by Mighty Oaks Real-time mobile software.

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