Mighty Oaks and Solarwinds

Mighty Oaks ihas reviewed its operations and found that it has not been impacted by the recent Solarwinds security issues.

Tipping Point for Intelligent Locker Automation is NOW – Helping to put “green” back into a recovery plan built on safety, caution and care

Framework Components:

1.    eGrocery with food supply chain re-engineering and fulfilment controls.

2.    Re-imagining fulfilment with delivery around the entire safe and secure customer experience with all defined human interactions and safety business rules mapped to the evolving customer journey. 

3.    Lockers as shakeup in delivery landscape opening new channels and markets.

4.    Experiential Receipt moves from experiencing touching, physical retail to touchless with how goods are delivered & picked up.

5.    Societal impact implies a change in consumer behaviour and order of values.

6.    Transparency, safety and reliability requirements measuring (new KPIs).

The Overnight Shift to Online Groceries

It started on March 12th.  Almost overnight the volume of orders being handled by retailers on our platform jumped significantly.  We are seeing retailers having between two to ten times the volume in online orders than what they were doing a few days earlier.  

The surge in online grocery orders in something we could never have expected.  The average annual growth rate across the retailers on our platform has on average been 15%. Mighty Oaks has been providing online grocery solutions since 2002, in those 18 years we have never seen anything like this.

COVID-19 and Our Systems

Since our platforms directly manage the e-commerce and logistics for a number of food retailers and wholesalers in Canada, the US and Latin America we recognize the role we play in the food supply chain in these difficult times.   We are committed to ensuring our platform continues to meet the needs of our retailer during these challenging time.

Remarkable Pickup: Popping the Delivery Question

5 Key Insights:

1.   Better pickup means consumer personalization options with predictability and reliability, delivery within 2 days or less. 

2.   We also need to add revenue generation to reduce costs for online delivery without losing sight of 5-star customer satisfaction ratings. 

3.   Empowering consumer convenience is a delivery choice as to when/where to receive their packages. Convenience means increasingly tackling the food retail last mile challenge.

4.   Delivery with Wow! Remarkable customer expectations at the core are points in the consumer brand journey that differentiate one retailer from its competition, one customer from another with personalization. 

5. Mobility is King (or Queen). Mobile e-commerce encourages economic diversity that is flexible, scalable and an integrated fulfilment with inventory and network closer to the consumer.