The Overnight Shift to Online Groceries

The Overnight Shift to Online Groceries

It started on March 12th.  Almost overnight the volume of orders being handled by retailers on our platform jumped significantly.  We are seeing retailers having between two to ten times the volume in online orders than what they were doing a few days earlier.  

COVID-19 and Our Systems

Online Groceries, Delivery Lockers and the Supply Chain 

Remarkable Pickup: Popping the Delivery Question

5 Key Insights:

New Burnaby Riverway - Big Bend Location

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Burnaby Dec 31 2019.  

e-Grocery Micrologistics: re-thinking delivery and fulfillment landscapes

A micrologistics network has the benefits of improved responsiveness, greater agility, reduced delivery time, and reduced delivery costs. The re-thinking of an end-to-end logistics model with e-Grocery is greater than a me-too approach, and instead requires a high-level of integration and collaboration for a long-term strategy.