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Mighty Oaks has reviewed its operations, the solar winds products we use and found that it has not been impacted by the recent Solarwinds security issues reported in the media.

We do make use of certain solarwinds products in our network operations center.  The products we use have not been identified as being compromised by solarwinds and are not exposed to the internet.  We continue to monitor the situations as the unfold and will take actions as needed to ensure continuity of our operations and security of our customers data. 

Samsung Flip2

One of Mighty Oaks defence and aerospace customers was in need of a center to support project ideation, customer engagement  and training.  Looking to create two spaces where both local and remote members of the team could collaborate and exchange ideas.  Mighty Oaks used a combination of Samsung Flip 2, Lenovo Nano and Owl Labs video conferencing technology to achieve these goals.

Hussmann Smart Exchange Locker with eGrocery Solutions

Consumer grocery delivery and pick up is a big part of the current e-Grocery challenge now and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s a significant constraint. Caught off guard, the demand has fast-tracked growth and capacity requirements for online grocery targets by 3-5 years into the present (less than 5% in Dec 2019 to over 10% in April 2020). With this growth comes pressures on end-to-end fulfilment and, specifically, delivery that has tremendous impact on your reputation and consumer confidence. It’s the ability to deliver in the long term. Why not lead with consumer safety and health at the same time? 

It started on March 12th.  Almost overnight the volume of orders being handled by retailers on our platform jumped significantly.  We are seeing retailers having between two to ten times the volume in online orders than what they were doing a few days earlier.  

The surge in online grocery orders in something we could never have expected.  The average annual growth rate across the retailers on our platform has on average been 15%. Mighty Oaks has been providing online grocery solutions since 2002, in those 18 years we have never seen anything like this.

Since our platforms directly manage the e-commerce and logistics for a number of food retailers and wholesalers in Canada, the US and Latin America we recognize the role we play in the food supply chain in these difficult times.   We are committed to ensuring our platform continues to meet the needs of our retailer during these challenging time.

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