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Updated Release of Mighty Cart for Food Wholesale Operators

The latest release of MightyCart for Food Wholesale provides the ability of refrigerated and shelf stable food wholesalers to off their grocery store customers an improved online ordering experience for using either web-interface or ordering guns on the store floor.  We include improved warehouse management, pick and inventory control.   
Mighty Oaks at Collision 2023 - Toronto

Mighty Oaks team is attendng Collision 2023 and the Corporate Innovation Summit.  With a strong focus on socially responsible use of technology such as AI, cyber security and automation.   Great event that bring together leading tech companies in Canada with enterprise customers. 

Babcock Canada (Babcock) has partnered with Mighty Raven Technology, a Victoria, B.C. based company, to develop a custom quality assurance (QA) management tool, designed to support Babcock’s marine operations. This custom QA management software will allow Babcock to more efficiently identify QA evidence required during vessel maintenance activities, track supporting evidence, and manage the review and approval processes.  

ABM Canada 2022

Mighty Oaks through our Mighty Raven partnership will be at the Advanced Business Match Canada 2022 in Langley BC.  This is a chance to meet in person collaborators and partners we have been working with over the past two years.  If you're attending drop by our both.

Based on the needs of communities using CedarBax we have added land registry capabilities to CedarBox.  This allows the land-stewardship office in a band council to manage allocation of lots including the associated legal documents supporting the allocation and any leases that may be associated with the land use.  Increasing we are seeing communities expanding their use of this function to also include tracking residents to support emergency response planning.  

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