Consumer Electronics Show 2017

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2017) is being held this week. This is the event to watch for new innovation entering the market.  At the start of 2017, like many of my peers we'll be gathering in Las Vegas for CES 2017. Instead of offering predictions for the coming year, I am going to share some thoughts on what I am looking to learn from this event. Mighty Oaks has always built solutions within an eco-system, we take our own property technology combined with partner technology to create innovation for our customers.  CES is the venue to search out new partners and technology that can enhance the offering we provide.

SIAL 2017

Phote by Matthew Lai, Toronto, Canada

Join Mighty Oaks in Toronto May 2nd to 4th at SIAL. 

Augmented Retail – Real Food Innovation

Every day, I become more and more convinced about the omnichannel advantage," Lore [ founder] said, referring to a sales strategy that combines online and in-store shopping. 

Mighty Oaks - 15 Years Old - April 2nd

Mighty Oaks Turns 15

We are celebrating 15 year in business.  As we turn 15 and look to the future lets look back at some of the early work we did.   

Online Groceries – One of our earliest applications we deploying online grocery for a local regional banner based in Victoria BC.  Following from that we have continued to work with a host of grocery retailers and food wholesales over those 15 years.   Helping grocery retails and food processors drive innovation into their operations still a major part of what we do.

Medical Equipment Systems – One of our earliest applications we a custom database used by over 40 home-care organisations in Canada.  Still in use today, our solution manages quality control on these medical devices. Helping Food Processors and the Parma sector achieve regulatory compliance is still a major part of what we do. 

ERP – Over 10 years ago we created an ERP solution for a publicly traded reforestation company.  Today we are back deploying ERP solutions. 

IT Services – We have an ever growing IT support team that not only hosts and manages our cloud, but also manages the day-to-day IT needs of many of our customers. 

Mighty Oaks Presents at ERP Discovery Fair

ERP Discovery Fair: Find the right technology system that fits your company.  Hosted by BDC

This event is for members only and limited to 30 people.  Limit max 2 per company. 

Processors: meet software implementation specialists, see demos, ask questions and arrange for private discovery sessions, if desired.  Determine the best fit for your ERP system, meet potential vendors and shortlist top choices!  This is a FREE event, but pre-registration is required. Scroll down to register.