Network Operations

Canadian Based Operations & Support Team

Systems Integration

Our product offering is just the start.  We can take our proven platforms and extending them into new markets and adding new functionality.  Our professional services team can blend best practice, our proletary platform with off-the-shelf and legacy systems to create a system tailored to your needs.

Our customers appreciate the value of eco-systems.  A new system must integrate with and function seamlessly within a broader corporate environment that evolves over time using a mix of technology and solutions to create a unified solution.  We frequently work in this type of environment and appreciate the need to provide integration across competing systems. 

Proven Team

When it comes to building complex system that are secure, robust and meet operational needs you need to start with a team that brings a diverse set of experiences and skills.  Multiple members of our team have over 20 years of experience in managing and creating advanced R&D solutions in retail, energy, logistics and defence.

Our team members have a broad mix of formal training, with university degrees in: Computer Science, Economics, E-commerce, Electrical Engineering, RF, Systems Engineering, Mathematics and Philosophy. 

Build-Operate Solutions

Today it is not sufficient to built a solution, one also needs to operate solutions.  We maintain a Network Operations Center based in Victoria with responsibility for the ongoing operation and support of our key system.

Data Center

We are able to deploy solutions into our own data center, our customers data center or public cloud.  We used leading Tier-1 hardware and solutions in creating and managing our data center solutions . 

We are a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider that means we are able to provision virtually any Microsoft data center product on our private cloud on demand.  This provides significant flexibility to our customer to scale pay-as-you-go solutions.

We work extensively with Linux based servers.  On the Mighty Oaks cloud over 80% of servers are Linux based. 

Advanced Networking

We frequently create networks for IoT applications with hundreds of endpoints using 4G, 5G and commodity Internet connections.   Many of our solutions run on specialised mobile devices.  At all times we recognise the importance our customers place on these networking being security and highly reliable as they are interconnected with their own enterprise networks.

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