Responsible Ecommerce Delivery for Smart Retail (Part II)

 Responsible Ecommerce Delivery for Smart Retail (Part II)

“Operational models, especially those driven by dirty, environmentally damaging companies, need to action a reconnection of core values, renewing a sense of greater purpose and integrity.”

Smart Retail (Part I)

UN Sustainability Goals

Growing Out Our Victoria Data Centre

Doubling the Size of our Victoria Server Farm

Our retail and logistics users are demanding more sophisticated real-time data analytics, search and logistics planning algorithms.  We have responded by adding new features and capabilities to MightyCart and MightyExpress; our proprietary SaaS platform for creating omni-channel consumer experiences.  This is being driven by the need to create highly customised user experiences for the end customer.  We have responded by adding detailed product information into Mighty Cart including product ingredients, the ability to create highly customised products individualised for the end customer.  

Breaking Bad Data : Living in the Age of Machines

Recovering the Human Face

Too Easy, Too Fast, Too Big?

“There is great chaos under heaven, and the situation is excellent." Mao Zedong