Our Privacy Statement

This statement applied to Meewasin Anlytics and its subsiduries Mighty Oaks Wirlesss Solutions Inc. and Meewasin US Inc. Collectively called Mighty Oaks/Meewasin.  On a need-to-know basis Meewasin Analytics and its subsiduries may share data internally to the extent needed to support our service offering and business functions.  

At MightyOaks/Meewasin we recognize the importance of protecting your personal information and are committed to processing it responsibly and in compliance with applicable data protection laws in all countries in which we operate.

This Privacy Statement describes our general privacy practices that apply to personal information we collect, use and share about consumers and other individuals within our customers, business partners, supplier and other organizations with which we have a business relationship.

Information we collect and manage about individual consumers

We may collect your personal information as an individual for various purposes, such as the following:

  • Access and using our services
    When entering one of our online service, we will record information necessary to provide you with access, for the operation of the service and for us to comply with security and legal requirements in relation to operating the service, such as passwords, IP address and browser settings. We also collect information about your activities during your visit in order to personalize your experience, such as recording your preferences and settings, and to collect statistics to help us improve and further develop our products and services.
  • Responding to your request for information, order, or support
    When you contact us (online or offline) in connection with a request for information, to order a product or service, to provide you with support, we collect information necessary to fulfill your request and manage your access to our services and products.  We retain your information for administrative purposes and in connection with our relationship with you.
  • Your use of our Cloud services
    We collect information about your use of our cloud hosted services to enable product features to operate, improve your user experience, tailor our interactions with you, provide support and improve and develop our products and services. 
  • Contacting employees of our customers, prospects, partners and suppliers
    In our relationship with customers or prospects, partners and suppliers, we may be provided with consumer contact information.  We collect and use this informaiton only for the stated purposes for which it is collected and only in relationship to the services and products we provide.   .
  • In-Person Visitors
    We register individuals visiting our offices and data centers and gather (name, identification and business contact information).  We also gather CCTV images for security and safety of persons and belongings, as well as for regulatory purposes.
  • Marketing
    Most information we collect about you comes from our direct interactions with you. When you register for an event we may collect information (online or offline) in relation to the event organization, and during an event, such as participation in sessions and survey results.

We may use your personal information in connection with a busienss transaction between the two of us or a busienss transaction with one of our customers.  When we do so, it is because it is necessary for the performance of an agreement with you.

Where we reference that we use your personal information in relation to marketing, improvement or development of our products or services, for reasons of safety and security, or regulatory requirements other than in connection with your agreement or request, we do this on the basis of our or a third party’s legitimate interests, or with your consent. 


Data associated with our business operaitons may reside in either Canada or the United States.  We may use staff employed by national subsidiaries in the various countries we operate in to deliver our services.  We currently only have operations in Canada and the United States.  We are requried to comply with legal orders issued within the country where the data is resident.

Our software platforms are deployed on servers located in either Canada or the Unitied States depending on the residency needs of our customer.  We will maintain two data center locaitons in each country to ensure to ensure we meet the residency commitment to our customer.  

Accuracy and Retention

We intend to protect your personal information and to maintain its accuracy. We implement reasonable administrative and technical safeguards to help us protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use and disclosure. We require our suppliers and partners do the same.  If we become aware that data is not accurate, we will correct the data.  We will retain data for as long as it is needed to provide our service or product, adminstrative requriements, or meet audit/regulatory requriements.  We will periodically purge data that that we no longer have a need to retain.