Office 365 in Canada

Office 365 in a Canadian Data Centres

They are up and running.  Microsoft's two Canadian Data Centres (in the GTA and Quebec City area) are up and running.  We are now able to offer an office 365 solution on Canadian soil using one Canadian data centre as the primary and the second as a backup.

Managed Services is about the User Experience and Driving Innovation

Small and medium business increasingly are turning to managed services providers (MSP) to meet their technology needs. However, in many cases it is without a clear understanding of the expected outcome.

Cedar 7 New Fields and Workflow Capability and Mail Harvest

Cedar 7 Screen Shot

We’re rolling out a few changes to Cedar 7 installations this month. Some are behind the scenes improvements to MailHarvest and file attachment listings.

However, some changes will be a little more obvious:

Mighty Oaks Sponsors Langford Aboriginal Day Festival

Mighty Oaks is pleased to be a sponsor of the M'akola Langford Aboriginal Day 2016

Mighty Oaks has been supporting the technology needs of M'akola Housing Societies for over a decade.  We have been pleased to have been there from the very beginning and continued to meet the needs as they built out and operating housing across Costal and Norther BC.  

Fresh St - Lockers

H.Y. Louie director of marketing Mark McCurdy shows Fresh St. Market's new refrigerated pickup lockers at the Fresh. St. Market in West Vancouver. PNG

One of our customers (Fresh St.) achieved a first in Canada today.  The introduction of Refrigerated delivery lockers.  We are pleased to have helped out with systems integration and providing the hosting infrastructure.  Excellent to see our customers drive innovation in Canada.

We view lockers as an import stepping stone in making online groceries and home delivery more affordable and viable.