Do I Need Sharepoint?

Do I need Sharepoint?  Good question, and it is a question our customers ask us quite frequently!

Sophos 2015

 Mighty Oaks and Sophos Team 

9x Redundant = Highly Secure

9x Redundant = Highly Secure

Integrating Industrial PLC Equipment with Higher Level Software

For over 15 years I have worked on building large distributed control systems that integrate custom applications, industrial control platforms and intelligent network devices into large distributed control systems.  In some we integrated these control and data acquisition system with large enterprise grade databases.  Today there are a lot of organisations talking about the “Internet of Things” and how to do this on a larger scale. 

Public Seminar on Cyber-Security for Small and Medium Size Business Feb 24, 2015

Getting network security and malware protection right is a challenge.  Today small business faces many questions: