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American Locker to use Mighty Oaks locker Management Software

American Locker has partnered with Mighty Oaks to adopt our software to power their custom smart lockers for national retail chains and airlines.  With deployments in North and Latin America the solution is optimized for the needs of corporate network operations.  We enterprise grade security and ERP integration options.     

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“There is great chaos under heaven, and the situation is excellent." Mao Zedong

Encouraged by a heartfelt and considerable connection to learning and understanding our place on planet earth, I'm kicking off this year with another environmental message knowing that each of us can make a difference. 1

My dream is that people will engage collectively to start the 1st earth revolution with ecological agendas rather than business as usual models embracing the 4th industrial revolution. Instead of many leading companies (I think we know who they are) charging towards ecological unsustainability while relentlessly promoting a culture of mass consumerism with dominant values of products and information controls. The topic is serious and relevant: the value chain revolution in a complex world. The conclusion is clear: community cooperation and integrated business collaboration defines biological destiny or collapse. Our wake up call is not new and should come as no surprise. Green messengers want to ensure the survival of people with a healthy community, social and planetary values. 2

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2017) is being held this week. This is the event to watch for new innovation entering the market.  At the start of 2017, like many of my peers we'll be gathering in Las Vegas for CES 2017. Instead of offering predictions for the coming year, I am going to share some thoughts on what I am looking to learn from this event. Mighty Oaks has always built solutions within an eco-system, we take our own property technology combined with partner technology to create innovation for our customers.  CES is the venue to search out new partners and technology that can enhance the offering we provide.

Mighty Oaks at SIAL Toronto

At SIAL Canada Toronto 2017 Mighty Oaks will have a refrigerated locker system idea for a butch store operation. 

Come visit us at our booth at SIAL Toronto.  Join Mighty Oaks in Toronto May 2nd to 4th at SIAL. 

Every day, I become more and more convinced about the omnichannel advantage," Lore [ founder] said, referring to a sales strategy that combines online and in-store shopping. 

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