What is Heartbleed?

It is a bug (error) in the software that encrypts and secures data between your computer, mobile device and other sites. It permits someone to gain access to data off the website that would otherwise be secure.

Alarm Management Deployments - Lessons Learned

Alarm management systems promise to improve situational awareness, aid operational staff in responding to upsets and reduce downtime. Many control rooms, including accelerator control rooms have been challenged in achieving this goal.

Event - Second Annual International LNG in British Columbia Conference May 21-23, 2014

Second Annual International LNG in British Columbia Conference


Elder Matias, CEO Mighty Oaks to present two papers at the 14th International Conference on Accelerator &
Large Experimental Physics Control Systems October 6-11, 2013 The Hyatt Regency Embarcadero Center San Francisco, California,

Hazard Driven Approach To Control System Design

After designing or managing the design of safety critical system for over 15 year, it is an opportunity to retrospectivly look at how the industry has evolved.