IT Services Division Spin-off

For Immediate Release - Victoria, BC, Feb 2. 2019

Mighty Oaks at CES 2019

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Cedar Box Becomes Part of Meewasin-Mighty Oaks

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ---  Victoria BC December 3, 2019  ----   Meewasin Analytics Inc, and Charles Burnett and Associates have entered into an agreement where Meewasin will take over the Cedar Box Apps business. 

Fast Grocery Retail – The Growth of Smaller Footprint and Micro-Shopping Food Models (Part II)

The Moby-Mart is being tested in Shanghai, with Wheelys hoping to deploy units in 2018, costing around $100,000 (£78,000).

Fast Grocery Retail – The Growth of Online Grocery

“The biggest costs to have a store are the place itself to rent in a central city.” [Photo: courtesy Wheelys]