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Mighty Oaks Sophos Surf in Tofino

Mighty Oaks and Sophos Enter a Strategic Partnership where both Mighty Oaks IT Solutions and software platforms will transition from avast to Sophos. 

Part of this transition program, several Mighty Oaks staff members will become Sophos certified engineering and architects.  Both companies will work closing to address some of the unique needs of Mighty Oaks customers.   This includes addressing the needs of customers using Mighty Oaks e-commerce solutions and those that work with confidential, classified and secret documents under contract to government agencies. 

Quite frequently when we work with customers we start by analysing there needs and how they gather, manage and use data.   It is not uncommon to find the situation where there are unique islands of data. It could be a QA program, and engineering application, logistics or procurement.

Mighty Oaks at Sophos Vancouver R&D Centre

Mighty Oaks team spent the day at Sophos Vancouver Offices for training to meet the team and tour the Sophos Labs North America development and operations center.  The start of a great relationship.  Greg Morhart from Mighty Oaks also managed to bring home a surf board that will certainly get good use on the next trip to Tofino.  .   

Office 365 has been avaialble in Canada for quite some time, but hosted out of US data centres.  We have had several of our customers take advantage of the various Small Business or Enterprise product offerings.  However the bigest challange has been the data needing to physically located in Canada.  This has continued to be an issue in the medical, legal and account profession.

 International LNG in BC Conference - May 21-23, 2014,  


Mighty Oaks is exhibting at the International LNG Conference.

Learn how we use SoftExpert is creating the environment that permits large scale project to collaborate and drive innovate while meeting regulatory compliance and achiving environmental and safety targets. 

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