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Lenovo workstaiton

Frequently we are asked what is the difference between these classes of desktop computer The key difference Is the intended use. We frequently deploy workstation running our software or third party solutions into scientific, GIS or analytics applications.  Learn how to tell the difference and how we help out customer selection the best machine for their needs.  

Mighty Oaks Moving In to Harbour Center

To ensure our Canadian customers benefit from the fastest performance possible we recently relocated our Victoria server farm to Harbour Center in Vancouver.  With connections into the main internet exchange in BC this provides the best options in BC.  Ensuring the fastest response possible for users on our platforms.

Solarwinds Logo

Mighty Oaks has reviewed its operations, the solar winds products we use and found that it has not been impacted by the recent Solarwinds security issues reported in the media.

We do make use of certain solarwinds products in our network operations center.  The products we use have not been identified as being compromised by solarwinds and are not exposed to the internet.  We continue to monitor the situations as the unfold and will take actions as needed to ensure continuity of our operations and security of our customers data. 

Since our platforms directly manage the e-commerce and logistics for a number of food retailers and wholesalers in Canada, the US and Latin America we recognize the role we play in the food supply chain in these difficult times.   We are committed to ensuring our platform continues to meet the needs of our retailer during these challenging time.

Mighty Oaks and its parent company Meewasin Analytics Inc. have a second home in the Lower Mainland. 

With staff working out of Victoria, Vancouver, Toronto and Ottawa we have a geographically diverse team and seeing the increased demand from customers in the Metro Vancouver area it made sense to open our second office in Burnaby.  Opening the Vancouver location provide a home for the team that has been working in the lower mainland for the past 5 years as well as strengthening our presence near key customers. 

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