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COVID-19 and Our Systems

- March 19, 2020

Online Groceries, Delivery Lockers and the Supply Chain 

Since our platforms directly manage the e-commerce and logistics for a number of food retailers and wholesalers in Canada, the US and Latin America we recognize the role we play in the food supply chain in these difficult times.   We are committed to ensuring our platform continues to meet the needs of our retailer during these challenging time.

We have noticed a significant volume increase in online grocery transactions and locker reservations since Mid March due to the COVID-19 outbreak.  We have increased compute resources across all of our systems and are pleased to report that everyone of our systems has remained fully operational and our customers and consumers have not experienced any downtime.  We continue to monitor and adjust as needed.

We have not seen a volume increase with our GIS, air cargo and pharmaceuticals systems.  We continue to operate these systems to the highest standards.

Many of our staff members are working remotely as we continue to support regular operations.  We are still manning our NOC centers and our backup facility remain fully functional.   Our servers are located in secure data centers in Victoria, Vancouver, Portland and Las Vegas.  These continue to be fully supported and maintained in support of your needs.

Regardless if your using our platform to run your grocery e-commerce operations, moving freight or operating a manufacturing operation we continue to be committed to your success.

COVID Response Plan

  • Hand sanitiser is available to staff in our Victoria and Burnaby offices.
  • We have implmented a work-from-home when and where possible first policy.  
  • Our offices are closed to visitors.  All customer and supplier meeting are being handled via Zoom or slack.
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