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Nuxalk Sunrise

Stretching in the early morning light before a morning run last week in Bella Coola, I took this photo of a Nuxalk totem pole facing telephone lines. I was thinking about the privilege we have to be helping build data management capacity in this ancient, and at the same time, youthful community. Besides running and a little fly-fishing, my time in Nuxalk Territory was split between assisting with cultural data cataloging and review for the NX Indigenous Laws project, and working with the ‘Projects’ team on efficient tracking and analysis of development applications, including Crown referrals.


In July 2015, Greg and I visited the beautiful village of Wuikinuxv alongside the Wannock River in Rivers Inlet. We were there to upgrade the Wuikinuxv’s CedarBox server and to provide training on two apps: Cedar Development App (for tracking and analyzing Crown referrals) and CCIRA Marine Indigenous Laws App (for archiving and reviewing historical documents for laws content).

We would like to thank Susan A for inviting us in, Doug B for his support, Cherlyn for booking us into the TechLodge and making great pies (, and Dani, Jennifer and Terry for their hard work.

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