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Demand for BC’s agrifood and seafood continues to grow.  Sustainable growth is about strong market performance as well as ensuring that strength is evident in food supply security.  We know that growing, harvesting and accessing healthy, safe and nutritious food results from sharing knowledge and creating strong networks.

We like showing off our new creations.  Mighty+ is our cloud hosted SaaS offering.  For years we have created highly customised e-commerce solutions used in the food supply chain.  We have taken what we have learned, rewritten it for subscription world and now offering it as a pure cloud solution.

Mighty Oaks is pleased to be part of Discover Techtoria at Victoria Crystal Gardens.  Join our team as we showcase the technology we have created to help organisations collaborate and drive sustainable innovaiton.  

International LNG in British Columbia Conference It is a new industry for us.  I have worked in Energy before, but onthe electrical generation side, so natural gas is a new area for us.  Having a partial accelerator background I have worked quite a bit with cryogenics.  We want to see if we can our technology that drives innovation and together with our partner Dassault System potential help build cleaner, safer and more responsible energy projects. 

ICALEPS 2013 San Francisco

Elder Matias, CEO Mighty Oaks to present two papers at the 14th International Conference on Accelerator &
Large Experimental Physics Control Systems October 6-11, 2013 The Hyatt Regency Embarcadero Center San Francisco, California,

Papers MOPPC040 and TUCOBAB05 to be presented at ICALEPCS 2013.

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