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CLS Control Room

Alarm management systems promise to improve situational awareness, aid operational staff in responding to upsets and reduce downtime. Many control rooms, including accelerator control rooms have been challenged in achieving this goal.

ICALEPS 2013 San Francisco

Elder Matias, CEO Mighty Oaks to present two papers at the 14th International Conference on Accelerator &
Large Experimental Physics Control Systems October 6-11, 2013 The Hyatt Regency Embarcadero Center San Francisco, California,

Papers MOPPC040 and TUCOBAB05 to be presented at ICALEPCS 2013.

ScienceStudio was a project that I had the pleasure to manage.  Like all great projects it comes down to buildings the correct team.  Our managment team consisted of three people Stewart McIntyre who was not only the user champion but drove the direction of the entire program and  Mike Bauer who was the PI on the subsequent project called ANISE run out of SharcNet.  Our friends at Canarie, Industry Canada, the Canadian Light Source and IBM who funded the project.

Use of advanced internet technology to bring scientists and leading-edge research infrastructure together half a world apart has been demonstrated between the national synchrotron facilities of Canada and Brazil.

Elder Matias presented in Ljubljana, Slovenia on a joint project between Canadian Light Source, University of Western Canada, IBM Canada, and BigBangwidth.

\Abstract As part of a collaboration between the CLS, the University of Western Ontario, IBM and BigBangwidth a beamline remote access system has been demonstrated on the CLS VESPERS beamline and the alft x-ray facilities. This system utilizes web-browsers as a thin client that can be connected to servers at the CLS over conventional Ethernet or User Configuration Light Paths. The RBA system is based on the concept of a Service Oriented Architecture and provides access control, data acquisition, data storage and based visualization. More recently the system has been modified to permit experimental data to be streamed into third party analysis tools such as Quartz Imaging X-one. This system is now being extended to form the basis for ScienceStudio and integrated experiment management system.

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