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Cyber Security

Building Secure IoT and Distributed Networks


We take system security seriously.  The software solutions we design, build and operate are deployed in government, military, medium, national and multinational corporations.  For over 15 years our customers have trusted us to safeguard their most important data. 

Our focus on building secure systems goes well beyond the data center.  The solutions we work frequently made extensive use of mobile devices and locker equipment that is installed into hundreds of locations.  We not only build IoT networks, we build secure IoT networks. 

Independently of our of Mighty Oaks Comerce and CedarBox platform we network operations team offers consulting and advisory services in the following areas:  

  • Secure IoT networks.

  • Hybrid cloud and

  • Advanced Firewall Network deployment.

Our processes are built around the requirements of PCI and SOC2.  Our operations and development staff are fully trained as certified engineers or architects in the technology we use to build our solutions. 

Our solutions are built around Sophos, Panasonic, Cradle Point and SolarWinds products and for 4G/5G networks deployed on Bell Canada, AT&T and Convergia networks across the Americas.   


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