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The Mighty+ Experience Advantage

Amazing online user experiences that engage and connect with end users start with advanced platforms.  Your teams can collaborate with a unified view of your customers, inventory, delivery schedule and logistics.  It is about bringing people together with a common shared set of data that is intuitive and insightful.  Engaging users and creating the right user experience is only the start.  After all, there is a business to run behind the scenes and a host of back-office systems that are needed to make it work. We integrate those to create a seamless work environment around e-commerce and delivery management.

We understand both aspects of the problem.  Most of the projects we undertake involve business challenges in logistics, inventory, resource planning, delivery management or design.  

We create highly tailored solutions using our standard building blocks :

  • MightyCart - An online grocery cart, but with a difference.  We have been working with grocery stores supplying fresh products since 2002.  Unlike other carts out there, our implementation understands the dynamics of working with weighted products, environmental fees, zone pricing and other aspects of a grocery shopping experience.
  • MightyExpress  - Managing delivery trucks can be challenging. In a traditional model you optimize delivery through the day, however in today's busy world consumers want more.  They want the ability to dynamically decide in real time when their product will be delivered. MightyTruck driver app find the best route and updates order status.
  • MightyInsight - Making decisions can be challenging, there are rules of thumb we all use based on expert opinions or analytics.  What if we could embed these decisions, making rules in an expert system that guides a user to make these optimal decisions.  That is what we do with MightyInsight.  Analytics based product recommendations.      
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