Our Team

From our base in Victoria we serve the needs of our customers in Western Canada.  The Mighty Oaks family consist of three inter-related companies.  We also have staff based in Toronto and Vancouver.

Mighty Oaks Software

Our solutions team has a diverse background, we believe that diverse experiences allows us to not only apply best practice within an industry but to drive innovation by applying innovative technology into new industries.  Our flag-ship product Mighty+ is a leading platform support an Omni-channel stratagy for food retail, wholesale and processing. 

Our team members typically start off with a formal degree in Computer Science, Electrical and Systems Engineering.   Combined formal knowledge with an average of over 15 years designing solutions for industry, government and the non-profit sector. From PMP certification to technical certification we embrace solid system engineering and innovation principles in what we do.

Before coming to Mighty Oaks our team members have worked for universities, government, e-commerce, telecom, product engineering, marine, aerospace or in power generation.  We belive a diverse perspective provides insight and adoption of best practices across industries.

Mighty Oaks IT/Cloud  

Creating solutions is only the first part of the challenge. We need to deliver operational excellence. We do that by relying on an IT operations team that has extensive experience with day to day operations for small and medium size business (SMB). We are grounded in the SMB market where we focus on delivering solutions that balance the agility of SMB while using market appropriate enterprise technology.

Each of our operations team members has over 15 years of experience before coming to Mighty Oaks. Some of our team members have spent their careers working with small business while others have deployed and supported networks for multi-national enterprise operations.  We believe from that diversity we bring the correct combination of epxertise for our customers.


OMNION Inc. offer a broad range of locker systems. From simple mechanical lockers to the latest state-of-the-art networked and modular electronic systems. Our digital and logistics optimised solutions means we work to solve your business problems. First by helping to define your business case, then our project management team designs your custom system, including delivery and installation with ongoing monthly support services..



Netwok Monitoring