IoT - Distributed Control and Acquisition

We routinely create geographically distributed control and data acquisition system.  From massive networks of hundreds of lockers to remote data acquisition and environmental monitoring system.  

We use state of the art IoT connectively solutions integrating remote data acquisition and control locations using 4G/5G or satellite constellations specifically designed for remote data acquisition.  Our solutions can be deployed around the world.   We are a Cradle Point authorised partner and frequently use Cradle Point 4G/5G modems in our various solutions.  We have extensive experience with Wago Distributed Remote IO and Moxa embedded solutions in our varies systems.  Some of our projects are based on custom application specific electronics.  Through our partnership with AT&T, Bell and Convergia we are able to build and deploy IoT networks in the Americas at scale.

We have extensive experience integrating and remotely managing interactive touch panels and kiosks that form a part of these types of solutions.