Unified Threat Managment

Mighty Oaks as a SOPHOS authorised supplier is please to offer this industry leading security platform based on either a cloud or on-premise deployment and offering an integrated approach to end-point, firewall and data encrpytion.  This platform is optimised for the small and mid-market.  The reason we partner with SOPHOS is we believe the Unified Threat Management strategy is the best approach for most small businesses    

Mighty Oaks Security Team Surfing in Tofino

A single UTM appliance simplifies management of a company's security strategy, with just one device taking the place of multiple layers of hardware and software. From one single centralized console, all the security solutions can be monitored and configured.

UTMs represent all-in-one security appliances that carry a variety of security capabilities including firewall, VPN, gateway anti-virus, gateway anti-spam, intrusion prevention, content filtering, bandwidth management, application control and centralized reporting as basic features.

IT security products have become as complex as the networks they’re trying to secure. Together with SOPHOS we know that the solution to complexity is not more complexity. We tackle security challenges with clarity and confidence, knowing that simple security is better security.  By having a unified perspective, brining together end-point, firewall, wireless and encrpytion we are able to offer a solution that is managed from a single point, and makes security ubiquitous.