Our Process

We tailor our methodology around our customers' needs.   The approach presented here is simply a starting point, and we normally adjust both the methodology and terminology through the entire process to meet and support your needs.  We expect this project to take the number of weeks identified with each of the options. 

For software development projects, Mighty Oaks would normally apply the Rational Unified Process (RUP) approach. RUP is based on a set of software development principles and best practices, for instance:

  1. Develop software iteratively

  2. Manage requirements

  3. Use component based architecture

  4. Visually model software

  5. Verify software quality

  6. Control changes to software 

This approach is one based on four primary stages with one or more iterations in each stage. Each of these iterations can be view as an Agile sprint.  The difference is as we progress through each sprint the focus begins to shift away from understanding the problem at hand and the design strategy, to building the solution.

RUP Method Drawing

Mighty Oaks’ strategy for delivering software projects starts by establishing the correct team structure that brings together the resources needed to build, maintain and support the application for the long-term.  Our in-house team of experts have years of experience building these types of solutions and supporting them in operation.  We also believe that the most important elements are the end users of the systems, and that the more interaction and end user driven requirements there are, the better the outcome.