SQL Databases

Databases are at the core of what we do. Nearly all of our solutions end up using a relational database of one form or another.   Most database solutions require a certain level of monitoring and care. Our engineering team works closely with our customers to design database solutions while our IT support team know how to properly maintain and administer larger relational databases.

From customised web interfaces to basic stored procedures to appropriate backup recovery solutions we are able to create customised solutions based on either MS-SQL, PostgreSQL or Oracle MySQL.

MS-SQL Server

We work extensively with MS-SQL Server Standard, MS-SQL Data Centre and MS-SQL Enterprise to meet our customer needs. Usually MS-SQL is deployed supporting our custom solutions, third-party solutions or Microsoft solutions such as MS-Sharepoint Enterprise.  


Many of our custom and customised solutions run on PostgreSQL. PostgreSQL provides a solid alternative to Oracle. Tuned and optimised for RedHat Enterprise Linux or CentOS deployments we frequently deploy and maintain PostgreSQL based solutions.