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Security starts by understanding your network, how your staff collaborate, share information and the finding the best way of mitigating the risks.   We can help design an appropriate security strategy. We can also help by providing an independent third-party assessment.

We all live in the information age. A Security Audit as well as Security Penetration Testing are the only true ways to confirm if your information, and your organization, are at risk in this brave, new world. Our CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professionals) security consultants provide these types of assessments.

Start Today - With the 7 Deadly Sins of Computer Security

Is your organization protected from the 7 Deadly IT Sins? They are common weak spots that hackers love to exploit to gain access to your network and data.  Learn about the sins and get practical advice on how to secure your organization against them. Check out the 7 Sins today.

Sin #1: Mobile Negligence. Are you afflicted?

Managing and securing mobile devices is more than just important these days. It’s vital. Those flashy little devices in your users’ pockets are windows into your organization. The good news is that with a few simple steps you can avoid this affliction.

Sin #2: Mac Malice. It’s time to fight back

Hackers have malicious plans for your Macs. New Mac Trojans, adware and ransomware threats are emerging every day, plus Macs are increasingly used to host and spread Windows Malware.  It’s time to fight back. It’s time to stop Mac Malice and keep your organization secure.

Sin #3: Unsecure Wi-Fi. Are you a Saint or a Sinner?

Your employees and guests are connecting to your wireless network, but are there demons on their devices? Wi-Fi is a must but if it’s not secure you’re putting your data and network at risk.

Sin #4: Unencrypted email. Is your mail in peril?

Sending unencrypted email is like sending a postcard in the mail – anyone with the means and motive can access it.  What’s more, email is still one of the major ways that data breaches take place.

Sin #5: Faulty Firewall.

Your firewall is your first defense. So if it can’t keep up or is too complex to use effectively, it’s a Deadly IT Sin.

Sin #6: Unencrypted Files. Is your data secure?

Data breaches are constantly hitting the headlines, leading to big fines and even bigger reputation damage.

Sin #7: Delinquent web filtering. Are you at risk?

With 80% of all web malware hosted on compromised legitimate websites, simply blocking undesirable categories of websites is not enough.