What Is MS-Windows Server?

MS-Windows server comes in various flavours: Foundation and Essentials are intended for the smallest of organizations, Standard for most small and medium size business.  Datacentre and Storage versions are for use in enterprise applications.

Your MS-Windows server manages and stores your files, runs your e-mail service (MS-Exchange), potentially runs your line of business software (MS-SQL), your print devices and access control to your computer resources.   Fundamentally in a server environment, if your server goes down, your business does down.  That is the reason great care is required to ensure it is well maintained and properly configured.

What We Do

Simply put MS-Windows servers are complex and they are suseptible to security risks that arise as new vulnerabilities are discovered.  For this reason it is important that they are patched regularly, logs are reviewed and updates controlled.  We do all those things and more.  We also make use of an advanced network monitoring platform to ensure we are alerted to any potential fault on your server before it occurs.