RedHat Enterprise Linux 

Linux is the leading industry platform for Web server technology and many back-end databases.  Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) is the leading commercially support version of Linux in business.  No wonder that at Mighty Oaks we are a Red Hat authorised partner and supplier.  Our staff are Red Hat accredited professionals in Middleware Integration.  In addition to maintaining and supporting our own Linux based deployments we also routinely maintain and support client deployments.

Over 90% of the Fortune Global 500 run on RedHat products and solutions.Learn how we can deliver high availability and reliability on Enterprise Grade Linux.


Derived from RedHat Enterprise Liunx and Fedora, CentOS offers a cost-effective alternative to RHEL for those who don’t need the OEM backing offered by a RedHat support contract and the latest in security and stability updates.  

For mission critical installations requiring the highest level of security and dependability we recommend RHEL.  Backed by a strong development team focused on ensuring security updates are made and deployed as quickly as possible.  For less critical application CentOS offers an attractive community maintained alternative.


In addition to being an authorised supplier of RedHat technology we also run and administer both RedHat and other open-source distributions of Linux for our customers.   From basic administration out services also extend to including cloud backup, enhanced security and monitoring.