Why Hyper-converge for Business

Key advantages to a small or medium size business of running in a Hyper-converge environment is reduced hardware costs, improved uptime, and reduces operational risk.  Optimising what is local versus in the cloud means getting the best of both worlds.   


We start by finding the best balances between on premise and cloud.  We used advanced hypervisor technology to create a combination of local and cloud based technology. By creating a better balance between technology on the edge of the network, in local on premise servers and in the public or private cloud we create a more robust and cost effective solution.

We are able to work with leading hypervisor (Hyper-V, VMware ESXi or KVM) technology as well as advanced data center management systems such as OpenStack.  We layer on top our NOC monitoring and administrative services.

Originally developed by NASA and Rackspace, OpenStack today is the leading data center management platform used by the worlds largest data centers supporting government, enterprise e-commerce, transportation and media services.