We understand things may not always go as planned, and you need to be able to call someone for help.  We offer a help-desk service to support your needs.  Our helpdesk team is available 24/7/365 and is equipped with the right tools to solve your staff problems, and resolve the problem you have to get you back up and going.

Victoria IT Ofifce

What sets us apart:

  1. Some IT support providers contract out their help-desk support function.  We don't - we keep it in-house so we can better control the quality and ensure that the team that supports your needs remotely is also able to support your needs internally.
  2. We have invested in advanced issue tracking, a customised support knowlege base based on best industry practice and what we have learned about your needs, people and preferences.  This lets us tailor our support around your specific situation.
  3. Focus on security, reliability and dependability.  We recognise that helpdesk calls should be the exception not the rule. You want your staff focused on your core busieness, not on getting their computer problems fixed.  We agree - that is the reason we look for the root cause of problems, and focus on fixing them properly.

Reach our support team at: 250-386-9398 Ext. 1 , or outside of the capital region at 866-386-9398 Ext. 1.