Hardware Solutions

We are not a computer hardware retailor in the traditional sense. The big-box stores do a fantastic job of meeting the needs of residential consumers focused on great low cost products. Small and medium size businesses need something different.  The business market is about reducing total cost of ownership, that translates into higher quality products running business appropriate software and features.  Using name brand equipment we tailor solutions around our customers business needs. 

To be able to offer the best prices we have partnered with nearly 300 independently owned systems integrators, it retailors and campus computing stores across Canada to form Millennium Micro. Combined with annual hardware sales of over $250 million the group is the leading supplier of computer hardware in Canada to government agencies, educational institutions, hospitals, and businesses. 


Millenium Micro

Each member of Millennium Micro is independent with unique areas of specialisation and a regional focus. Mighty Oaks as a Systems Integrator (our Solutions business) and a Managed Services Provider is able to offer competitively priced computer hardware and software as part of our integrated solution. Our membership in Canada’s largest technology buying group also gives us preferential access to major hardware vendors application engineers in designing advanced and specialised solutions, obtaining special pricing and handling warranty and service needs.    

These are just some of the leading hardware vendors that we use to create solutions for our customers:












Amer Networks


We do not offer hardware sales in the consumer marketplace and instead focus on meeting the needs of our business customers for integrated solutions.