Office 365

As business become more mobile Microsoft Office 365 becomes a viable solution providing access to Office in the Office, on the road or at Home. Transform your business with anywhere access to popular Microsoft Office tools on any device.  Office 365 shifts your costs for Office software from a one-time purchase to a monthly subscription that is always up to date.  It shifts from a per-computer licensing model to a per-user model, reflecting the fact that most people today have multiple devices.   Office 365 packages can be installed on upto five devices.  In addtion to the standard Word, Excel, and PowerPoint software Office 365 includes a host of cloud services for data storage, e-mail and collaboration.

Over the past 2 years the growth of Office 365 has been significant and it is now becoming the default standard for new deployments in Canada.  We can configure your deployment to ensure only Canadian data centres are used to store your data.

Selecting the Correct Version

Office 365 comes in several different versions.  Some intended for home use while others are intended for small business or enterprise.  Home version of office are available from most big-box stores and suitable for school or home use.

However if you are running a small business your needs are different version of Office 365.  We work closely with our customers to evaluate their needs, select the correct pacakge and migrate their existing data, website and e-mail to a cloud solution.  If you have employees that may not need full Office capability but just e-mall we are able to offer solutions tailored to thouse needs.

Office 365 Migration

If you have an existing Office or Exchange installation it can be migrated to Office 365. We offer fixed-price migration services from your existing platform into Office 365.  Depending on your setup we will migration your installation using either our proven manual processes or KickStart, the industry leading migration platform.

MS-Project for Office 365

Looking to kick-start your PMO program with a portfolio management solution or just basic project management.  We are able to provision various MS-Project Pro or MS-Project Online solutions helping to empower collaboration.  With MS-Project Online we can tie your projects into a unified portfolio framework with decision making driven by insight provided by enterprise strategic planning and project impacts.  We can create a PMBOK compliant solution or base the deployment on your in-house processes.  In addition to MS-Project we are also create similar solutions using either Enovia or SoftExpert PMO.

Next Step

Ready to move to Office 365, one of our technical specialists can discuss the options with you.  Call 866-386-9398 Ex 1.