Kelowna Data Centre (BC-2)

Based in Kelowna (nearly 300 km inland) our second server farm provides redundant and backup computer and data resoruces. Located in a modern technology park, this is a state of the art facility.

The Mighty Oaks Cloud runs on Tier-1 ThinkServer and System X server hardware.

The Details

Sophisticated communications

  • Multi-faceted network designed to maintain continuous communication whatever the situation
  • Critical, constant communications support for the data centre and disaster recovery operations ensuring network uptimes of minimum 99.9%
  • Multiple-carrier 10G+ network connections on three different carrier. Includes KELTX On-Net.

Continuous power and Cooling 

  • Infrastructure in place, with comprehensive redundant failovers, to ensure uninterruptable service
  • Multiple 2N +1 Power Bussess run by Fortis
  • Geothermal and Chilled Water Cooling systems