Our commitment to the Environment

We all share this planet and need to work together to be environmentally responsible.  We minimise our own impact on the environment by using sustainable products, and being responsible.  Most of our cloud servers are operated out of British Columbia based data centres powered by clean hydro-electric energy.

Managing Technology Waste

Most digital technology makes use of heavy or rare earth metals.   We believe it is important to ensure that waste is responsibly managed.  We participate in two programs that help protect the environment.



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ERA - We partner with the Electronics Recycling Association to reduce the adverse environmental impact of electronics, manage waste electronics and other IT equipment.  Harddrives are erased using a multiple pass, random array approach to sanitizing data.  Used equipment that can still be repurposed or refurbished is made available to ERA volunteers that refurbish and deploy the equipment into community-focused charities.  What can not be reused is responsibly recycled, ensuring heavy metals are not released into the environment.
Call2Recylce logo Call2Recycle - Batteries, including those in UPSes, smart phones, tablets, and notebook computers are a major concern in the environment. We participate in the Call2Reycle Program to ensure that used batteries are recycled.