Limitless Local is a Sustainable Logistics Investment


"There’s a growing movement that embraces smaller and more regional farming, and food-production models that foster new narratives around quality, community and place. It will challenge conventional approaches to manufacturing, distribution and marketing. The change can be characterized as moving from big, slow and removed to small, safe, agile and regionally connected."  Denise Morrison, President & CEO – Campbell Soups

The Path to Consumers Will Be More Direct: Local, Fresh, Transparent Last Mile Logistics, and Innovation.

1.   LOCAL is the 100-mile diet. There are growing movements of growing food locally and delivered in a regional trading area. They are narratives of community, place, people and quality. Modular food producers, with indoor agriculture, and a re-engineered supply chain to produce authentic, fresh food stories that are small, safe, agile and regionally connected.

2.   FRESH Authentic and timely engagement to promote honesty and trust (long-term loyalty) as well as increase basket size for both off- and on-line commerce. Deep transparency with food, real food, and just in time and food on demand will drive fresh.

3.   TRANSPARENT last mile automation driven by the customer mobility portal (CMP) the locus of the customer experience with the next generation consumer. The demand is for control of when/where to shop, how to purchase, where/how to take delivery, and the big convenience focus with Click & Collect (CnC) and easy residential concierge locations. Locker experience is synonymous with convenience, ethics and excellent customer service.

4.   INNOVATION is a fundamental set of capabilities. Locker supply chain capabilities are an asset and logistics investment. OMNION Cool Lockers are fully autonomous systems providing pop-up commercial channels for the ultimate in consumer convenience using mobility-driven communication, controls with a variety of sensors, delivery visibility and patented technology.

"Cool lockers have an app for easy use, GPS, fully modular design, integrated management tools for reporting and predictive analysis, and much more. It's a fully featured intelligent last-mile solution that will make your life easier, capturing the power of personalization, while saving both time and money. Fundamentally, they are a mobile- and share-first logistics platform opening up farm fresh groceries to urban areas as more and more people live in big cities, don't use cars and prefer shopping frequently for healthier options that promote wellness. "

Digital Tools and Strategy to enhance Customer Value defined by Services + Solutions, not Products & Categories

The Customer is King! We are not technology-first driven. Clearly, the customer-centric approach defines human levels, not technological ones. Data empowers analytics and other functional processes alongside AI. Humans demand Fresh Experiences. These emotionally binding experiences are the trust economy and transparency model for a better and sustainable food supply chain. Supply chain visibility with food authenticity is part of tackling the bigger sustainability challenges our planet is facing. Autonomous lockers are part of this solution.

Last-mile Innovation and Collaboration: points to a significant opportunity to improve operational execution across all channels, where omnichannel consistency is essential. Mobility with an experience-first strategy helps defines the ideal locker business models and business growth.

1.   The last mile represents 40% of costs – how can distributors help with logistics support such as drop shipment, time constraints and inventory management. The long tail is the chosen strategy of ecommerce and particularly online marketplaces, which are big competition for distributors. What can distributors do to help retailers increase the breadth and depth of categories which they hold.

2.   Measuring the contribution of end point logistics to a good shopping experience and how much revenue that experience helped generate, data metrics for locker efficiency is still in its early days. However, there are significant factors at work to optimize mobility, sustainability and efficiency both in the last mile as well as allocating new resources to other omnichannel strategies.

3.   The development of augmented transparency (AT), food data is the new oil of health and wellness.

4.   The role of the Locker Intelligence Asset (LIA) and network of locker end-points. Trading network on the basis of Autonomous Grocery & Food Lockers.


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