Grocery Reality Theatre – the new Social World of Experiential Food Shopping

If you change how things are bought, you change what gets bought.   

Let’s Imagine. Food shopping experiences in the digital and mobility only world. Consider personalization based on digital “food books”. Food Books include my food community — social, collaborative and discovery experiences. Personal taste, what you see, how you feel now, cultures, tastes and regions of food that allow you to shop this exciting world of food markets with personalized food books, all at your fingertips using screens (like Microsoft HoloLens). This is the yet to be realized fusion of virtual reality and artificial intelligence with some machine learning secret sauce thrown in.

We’ll get to experience things, new things we’ve never seen or tasted before. Let’s take a picture of some gourmet cuisine we love and voila! The image generates this epicurean delight online at my favourite E-Retailer, with all the ingredients and a recipe in an appropriate box, delivered fast to a location of my choice, with many delivery options including in-store pickup, or better: a cool locker providing complete customer convenience. I’m enjoying this experience! Then I start to interact socially with other people who are visiting and exploring the food markets of the world together. Our “live experience” of the market place configurations with “physical locations”, akin to in-store walk-through mapping, allows me to choose where I want to go in my favourite e-grocery store with almost unlimited choices. I can, if I choose, spend time browsing the aisles, checking out the produce, reading augmented information product labels and enjoying my game-like virtual experience. The data (with my trusted device in hand) will answer what I want to see, discover and buy.

My choices are better and healthier too. And I’m helping to do my part for the environment, reducing waste and carbon footprint.

What can we build with Mobility + Digital? Everything?

Here is our centre of hardware and network and distribution and content. In this mobility only world, we have small devices with custom architectures and adaptable universal sensors to read product stories, increasing mobile time and quality engagement, transparency and traceability, and seamless convenience. Fast delivery with single click options to a convenient cool locker location near you. Making the best choices for you! The new language of digital food is active, transparent, and always of sufficient quality. Its core values are trust, health (nutrition), sustainability and collaboration. This brave new world with its food supply analytics and algorithms can tell people what to do, with education and personalized food books, where to buy as people shop by categories instead of brands, and even how to feel – better about ourselves for supporting local sustainable organic farmers.

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