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BC’s North – Sustainable Innovation

BC’s North – Sustainable Innovation

Event - Premier's Natural Resources Forum Jan 19-21 2016

Our Resources, Our Future


Mighty Oaks is pleased to be presenting at the annual forum on Natural Resources in Prince George.  Within the historical territory of Lheidli T'enneh people, Prince George is the economic hub of Northern British Columbia.  Drop by both 42 to learn how we are helping organisations use technology to collaborate and drive innovation.   

Event - Int. LNG in BC Conference October 14-16 2015

Integrating Industrial PLC Equipment with Higher Level Software

For over 15 years I have worked on building large distributed control systems that integrate custom applications, industrial control platforms and intelligent network devices into large distributed control systems.  In some we integrated these control and data acquisition system with large enterprise grade databases.  Today there are a lot of organisations talking about the “Internet of Things” and how to do this on a larger scale. 

Alarm Management Deployments - Lessons Learned

Alarm management systems promise to improve situational awareness, aid operational staff in responding to upsets and reduce downtime. Many control rooms, including accelerator control rooms have been challenged in achieving this goal.