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Traditional Grocery Stores and the Online Experience

Back in 2002 we wrote the online grocery ordering system for a local grocery store chain called Thrifty Foods.  It was very much an experiment, but it was one based on the values that Thrifty Foods was founded on strong customer service principles, and empowering its front line workers to meet customer needs.  Online store basically provided another channel to connect with their customers.  We operated that system for our customer over 12 years.  

What is Cloud Computing?

An obvious question to ask that many small and medium business struggle with.  We are asked it every day, and in many cases from some of the customers we have been providing cloud services for over a decade.

Do I Need Sharepoint?

Do I need Sharepoint?  Good question, and it is a question our customers ask us quite frequently!

Consumer vs Business Grade Hardware

We do managed servers. That means we help our customers chose the right technology, and support its deployment and ongoing use.  To do that effectively we are authorised resellers for Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Hitatchi.  We try to stay away from the "other brands", the ones that come from vendors that focus on price over quality.  However even from the Tier-1 suppliers, they do offer different product lines with different levels of quality.  In this article we show how we can help you decide between the options. 

What is Heartbleed?

It is a bug (error) in the software that encrypts and secures data between your computer, mobile device and other sites. It permits someone to gain access to data off the website that would otherwise be secure.