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Ransomware: the most devastating cyberattack on Small and Medium Business

Ransomware is a type of malware installed on your computer without your knowledge it then begins to encrypt and lock your files.  The developers of this software are criminals.  They developed and released this software with the intention of charging victims for access to the encryption keys to unlock their computers.

Mighty Oaks at FMS Symposium Baltimore 2017

Infinite Loop

Notice to Infinite Loop Network Customers 

As of September 27th, 2011, Infinite Loop Network Solutions is now working with Mighty Oaks. Mighty Oaks is a customer service-focussed, Vancouver Island-based company with a wealth of practical experience supporting general Information Technology (IT) software and systems for clients across North America. Our clients are our long-term business partners. We work with our clients in engagements that have meaningful, long-term, and community-oriented impact.