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Mobility Hub Concept & Return on Community (RoC) – A brief sustainable framework for common carrier parcel locker networks

“Common carrier lockers are consistent with the mobility hub concept and are a potential tool for mitigating the challenges of Final 50 Feet delivery—most urgently, the need to reduce both dwell time (the time a truck is parked in a load/unload space in the city) and the number of failed first delivery attempts.”

Fast Grocery Retail – The Growth of Smaller Footprint and Micro-Shopping Food Models (Part II)

The Moby-Mart is being tested in Shanghai, with Wheelys hoping to deploy units in 2018, costing around $100,000 (£78,000).

Fast Grocery Retail – The Growth of Online Grocery

“The biggest costs to have a store are the place itself to rent in a central city.” [Photo: courtesy Wheelys]

Responsible Ecommerce Delivery for Smart Retail (Part II)

 Responsible Ecommerce Delivery for Smart Retail (Part II)

“Operational models, especially those driven by dirty, environmentally damaging companies, need to action a reconnection of core values, renewing a sense of greater purpose and integrity.”

Smart Retail (Part I)

UN Sustainability Goals